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Want to improve your health?

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Melon is a free online program that empowers you to take control of your health

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Coping Tools


Identify the habits you want to change and how to change them. Podcasts, videos and articles on healthy eating, exercise, mindfulness and sleep. Read or watch in your own time.



Track your activity, mood, sleep and food and see your progress over time. Get nudges and reminders to stay motivated.

Community Support


Find hope and draw strength from others who understand what you’re going through. Share experiences and tips with each other, anonymously. Get support and give support too.

Behaviour change

Understand your habits and triggers, and replace old ones with new



Need extra support? Develop skills and techniques that support your needs with guidance from a skilled coach or experts in the Melon community.

Set your own goals.
What matters to you?

Our goal is to enable you to take control of your health by giving you the tools, support, information and confidence to manage your health.

Melon is offered through participating primary care providers and health plans. To see if Melon is available in your area, talk to your GP or contact us  to register your interest.

What I'll remember most is the kindness of strangers on Melon who've helped me through some difficult times. I've also picked up useful tips about healthier living and it's given me motivation to watch what I eat and to exercise more and have a better attitude to keeping healthy.”

Melon participant

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